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App makers have long been trying to combine the rich user experience of native apps with the universality of browsers. The fruit of their labors is a Progressive Web App. In this blog, we share with you how Web Development Agencies in New York make such an app, & how you can get the most out of them.

What is a Progressive Web App(PWA)?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is first and foremost a web app. But unlike simple web apps, it builds upon traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create a native app-like user experience. 

This means that they can be delivered to an end user through browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Yet, the user will feel almost as if he is using the native application. Web Development Agencies in New York leverage emerging web browser APIs and features to build highly enhanced PWAs.

PWAs are a Hot Favourite of Tech Giants

Did you know? Giants in the app business like Twitter, Nikkei, and Hulu have seen a massive improvement in their performance after switching to PWAs:

  • Twitter – 65% more pages per session, 75% more Tweets, 20% less bounce rate, 97% smaller size of app. 
  • Nikkei – 2.3 times more organic traffic, 58% more subscriptions, and 49% more daily active users. 
  • Hulu – 27% increase in return visits.

What Goes into the Making of a PWA?

Web Development Agencies in New York turn a basic web app into a PWA by loading it with:

  • Secure contexts – HTTPS protocol so that the web application is served over a secure network.
  • Service Workers – A script to intercept and manage how browsers handle their network requests and asset caching. This helps in creating fast-loading pages and offline experiences. 
  • Manifest File – A JSON file that controls the appearance and discoverability of PWAs from the user perspective.

PWAs Are a Must in 2021 – Here’s Why

Great for SEO

All PWA content counts towards search engine exposure. Optimizing the same for the relevant search intent can lead to massive SEO wins, like:

  • Higher loading speed
  • Great user experience
  • Improved engagement, and 
  • Complete app-store independence

Web Development Agencies in New York see PWAs as a great SEO tactic and are mainstreaming it at a fast pace.

Uses Platform-Specific Features

With PWAs, Web Development Agencies in New York can tap into multiple cool features in browsers and smartphones to enrich your user experience. 

For example, they can:

  • Open with a custom splash screen
  • Stay on the home screen 
  • Create web push notifications 
  • Offer a full-screen experience
  • Auto-change display orientation
  • Use camera, mic and GPS tracking
  • Offer offline capabilities and experiences

& much more!

Smaller, Lighter, and Cheaper

For app makers who opt for PWA-only experiences, content is a one-time affair. This saves time and resources. Creating search-optimized content individually for each of iOS, Android, and a website can be costly and time-taking. 

PWAs are also smaller in size and load fast (even on 3G!), leading to lower server-load. They are as handy as it gets. Users don’t have to download new information every time they use a PWA. This means that there is little or no wait time for a PWA to start, continue or switch.


Web Development Agencies in New York believe that PWAs are here to stay. They can be your next big move to become the game-changer in your market. 

Want to build a Progressive Web App for your users? Wondering where to find the right tech-partner? Agency Couch can custom-create unique, secure, and user-centric PWAs for you that win your customers’ hearts. Visit or write to us at to get started!