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Let’s face it – with so much already on your plate, SEO can be intimidating at times. The good news is that there’s a lot in SEO that can be automated. This is where SEO automation tools come in handy.

As a leading SEO Agency in New York, we often resort to several tools for SEO that generate significant value for our clients. Here, we share with you our top 7 picks for SEO automation tools that give you your money’s worth – some of these have limited free versions too!

#1 Automate Site Monitoring with UberSuggest

SEO agencies know that fixing your website for optimum SEO is rarely a one-time job. A website can have a few pages to dozens of pages. Issues crop up often and need to be addressed at the earliest. Keeping a tab on red flags that arise is a great way to manage this.

UberSuggest can do this for you quickly, automatically, and at scale. From information on your page load-times, identifying slow pages, displaying site uptime, to sharing details like site security as well as any missing information, it can all be accessed in one place using this tool. 

Freemium: Yes

Price: Starts from USD 12/month

#2 Automate Content Audit & Site Crawling with ScreamingFrog

ScreamingFrog is an SEO spider that can automatically check the health of your site content with scheduled crawls and reports. Missing content, duplicate content, meta content issues, broken links, toxic links, and bad redirects are all reported seamlessly.

Upto 500 URLs can be checked for free using this tool. The analytics available is exhaustive. Like most other SEO tools, you can also use it to check what your competitors are doing right.

Freemium: Yes

Price: Starts from $149/year/license

#3 Automate Search Engine Intelligence with SE Ranking

Speaking of competitors, if you have ever wondered which of them are currently ranking for the keywords you are targeting, SE Ranking has just the solution for you. Top SEO agencies in New York use this tool to create blueprints of the strategy deployed by your successful competitors. That’s a real SEO shortcut for you if there was ever one. 

But this tool is so much more than that. Use it to automate your backlink monitoring, error tracking and status codes. Also perform image analysis, internal linking accuracy, meta tags and header analysis, and much more.

Freemium: No

Price: Starts from USD 31/month

#4 Automate Keyword Planning with SEMRush

Trusted by SEO agencies, SEMRush is another amazing all-in-one tool on our list. But this one deserves a special mention for its ability to help you with keyword research and strategy. This includes:

  • Identifying keyword trends
  • Analyzing and comparing keyword characteristics like search volume, cost-per-click, keyword difficulty, and competition index
  • Mapping root keywords to short-tail and long-tail keywords, and more.

You can even visualize keywords as questions or combine multiple keywords to target a content niche.

Freemium: Yes

Price: Starts from USD 99.95/month

#5 Automate SEO Compliance with LittleWarden

In SEO, things can go really wrong, really fast. LittleWarden can be your guardian angel saving you from those pitfalls. It tracks issues like Domain name expiration, SSL certificate expiration, Title & meta tag changes, Robots.txt changes, and more. 

SEO agencies use this versatile tool to stay at the top of their SEO game. You too can let your SEO monitoring find home with this powerful tool. Thank us later!

Freemium: Yes

Price: Starts from USD 34.99/month

These 5 tools can help you get closer to your SEO goals, but you still need a professional SEO team to back you up. Looking for the right SEO Agency in New York to partner with? Visit, or write to us at