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One question we often get asked by business owners is this: Why do we need a social media strategy? Can’t we just wing it?

Well, you can. The bigger question is, should you?

Too many businesses leave their social media marketing to last minute posts. A lot of them don’t even have anyone dedicated to shoulder their social media efforts!

We are a leading Digital Advertising Agency in New York and social media marketing is a key component of our services portfolio. Here are the 7 key reasons why every business must have a social media strategy.

#1 Social Media Strategy Can Help to Target Your Audiences Better

Top digital advertising agencies in New York know that an effective social media strategy stands on 3 pillars:

  1. What is your social media goal?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How do you reach and influence your target audience?

The typical social media goals are gaining more customers, attaining higher visibility, brand building & awareness, promoting a cause or a mission, and diverting more traffic to your website.

No matter what your goal, a good strategy helps you to profile and target your audience better. You can also streamline your activities to fall in line with your target audience segments.

#2 Having a Social Media Strategy Saves Time & Costs

By targeting audiences better, digital advertising agencies in New York reduce trials and errors in your social media marketing. A well-researched & thoroughly planned approach effectively eliminates blind guessing. This alone can lead to significant cost savings and optimize resources like time and effort. 

There are several other ways in which a social media strategy can reduce cost and time for your business. Examples include:

  • Choosing the right social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn vs Facebook) to channelize your marketing budget.
  • Investing in the right social media tools and technology that align with your needs.
  • Customizing your creative resources to meet the needs of your audiences.
  • Opting for the automation of routine tasks in your social media plan.

#3 Strategizing Can Aid in Performance Tracking and Optimization

When you know what your goals are and what you are doing to reach them, improving is easier.

For top Digital Advertising Agencies in New York, a social media strategy is the go-to reference for performance assessment of campaigns. It opens your eyes to two vital questions:

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?

This reduces the time you take to improve on your existing approaches and emerge stronger & better. You can let go of ineffective tactics faster and adopt new directions better. It also boosts your team’s morale when you see things going the way you want them to!

#4 Creating a Consistent Brand Voice Requires a Strategy

The biggest stumbling block to branding is poor consistency. And Digital Advertising Agency in New York uses the social media strategy to avoid that trap.

If your social media pages are active for three months and then go into the sleep mode for a month after that, you let down your audience and your brand.

Social media marketing is not about bursts of productivity. Instead, it is about taking a disciplined approach to sharing content that wins. Having a social media strategy in place is a great way to ensure just that.

#5 Enables You to Plan in Advance before Launching Important Campaigns

There are important days in the year when campaigns can reap twice as much – or more!

By strategically mapping your social media calendar, you stand to gain significantly higher from your campaigns. Whether it is Christmas, NYE, or Thanksgiving, you can grab eyeballs by timing it right.

Planning also helps you to explore partnership opportunities for campaigning. Whether it is co-branding or affiliate marketing, a good strategy can open new doors for you like never before.

#6 Makes it Easier to Mobilize Your Team and Creative Resources

Rushing it can make it harder to get the right people for the right job at the right time.

You can avoid the mess by having a strategy that tells your team to work in tandem at all times. They can also better plan the utilization of creative resources at their disposal.

A social media strategy can go a long way in preventing unforeseen disruptions to your marketing consistency. It helps you to distribute the burden instead of doing it all on your own. Leading Digital Advertising Agency in New York rely on a good strategy to deliver results on time, every time!

#7 Creates a Sense of Positive Anticipation Among Your Audience

Your social media pages are an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your audience. By having a strategy, you teach your audience to expect regular and high-quality content from you. 

This has many advantages. Firstly, it aids in improving brand engagement. Secondly, it enables your team to leverage their anticipation to bring them something new each time. Lastly, it creates a sense of ownership among your followers that go a long way in authority building.
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