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What’s the best way to speed up the process of complete strangers becoming loyal customers?

An effective approach is to map the customer’s journey & then devise strategies to target prospects in each stage. This process is known as the Marketing Funnel (or Sales Funnel). 

Digital advertising agencies in Sydney use various ways to visualize the funnel. For example, the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and the AIECS (Attention, Interest, Evaluation, Commitment, Sale) are two popular models. 

In this post, we divide the Marketing Funnel into 3 stages (Top, Middle, & Bottom). Then, we share the exact tips and tactics that we have used for our clients to generate massive sales.

Let’s get started!

Top of the funnel

Educate and Attract your target audience

The biggest mistake that brands make at this stage is that they lose focus. They run campaigns that are too wide to target specific audiences. 

The top of your Marketing Funnel is all about targeting, targeting, and targeting. You can think of the profile of the audience here as follows.

  1. People who are potential users/buyers of your products/services. 

This means that if you are selling fiction books, for example, don’t waste your breath on self-help readers. Better still, target fiction readers by the genre they prefer, like romance or adventure.

  1. People who are not adequately aware of your brand.

Many marketers create excellent top-of-the-funnel campaigns and then shoot them to their existing network. These are people who are already well aware of your brand. Hence, such campaigns are self-defeating. 

Tell your story to those who don’t already know your story.

  1. People who are in the geographical area where your product/service is available.

This is a rather underrated aspect of campaigning. Whether you are running an ad or investing in organic search, geo-fencing is the way to go. If you sell books in California, for example, but your campaigns don’t reflect that, you’ll lose out big time. Leading SEO and Digital Advertising Agencies in Sydney can help you prevent the same.

The key top of the funnel marketing activities include the following.

  • Investing in organic search by engaging with a top SEO agency in Sydney
  • Running paid ads on search engines and social media by partnering with a top digital advertising agency in Sydney.
  • Publishing ebooks, reports, and white papers to educate your audience. 
  • Creating buzz on social media with focus on maximum visibility and engagement.

Middle of the funnel

Capture and nurture cold leads

The middle layer is populated by those who want to buy the product/service that you sell but haven’t yet decided if they want it from you

So how can you convince them that you are the right choice for them? First, identify your potential mid-funnel prospects by their contact information, also known as cold leads.  

The popular approaches to capture cold-leads include the following.

  • Capturing email addresses using gated content (i.e. content that requires visitors to submit their email addresses).
  • Attaching query forms to ads and organic content and feeding them to your cold leads database.
  • Coupling high-value content with email sign-up options.

The next step is to nurture the cold leads you gather and convince them to choose you above your competitors. 

The popular approaches to nurture cold-leads include the following.

  • Sharing case studies on how you solved a challenge faced by your existing clients.
  • Using performance metrics to differentiate your product/service in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Sharing in-depth testimonials to demonstrate your client satisfaction.
  • Running webinars and webinars providing original insights on key customer problems to create thought leadership.

Bottom of the funnel

Convert hot leads into customers

If your mid-funnel activities go as planned, you will be able to generate a stream of hot leads within 3-6 months. Hot leads are prospects who perceive your brand among their top 2-3 choices for making a purchase. All they need is a gentle nudge to tip the scales in your favour.

The mantra for a successful bottom-funnel conversion for leading digital advertising agencies in Sydney is Personalization. 

The key marketing activities to personalize campaigns for your bottom-of-the-funnel include:

  • Free one-to-one consultation to address their specific queries and demonstrate your product/service.
  • Free product/service trial for an extended period – like for a month or three months.
  • A limited-time-only cashback/discount/free gifts offer.

Simply put, your bottom-funnel requires a little bit of an extra incentive to go for it. And you can make it happen using the above approaches.
There you go! We have shared our secret sauce to make your Marketing Funnel work like magic. Looking for the right digital advertising agency in Sydney? Boost your Marketing Funnel and generate massive sales in 2021 by partnering with us. Visit, or write to us at