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Has your business been stuck in the rut for a while? Or are you simply looking for new ways to bring more customers?

No matter what industry you are serving or what stage of growth your business is in, it is always possible to scale higher. But all said and done, scaling up in New York is getting harder with every passing day, given the rise in competition and the flood of choices available to the customers here. This is truly a city that never sleeps, and if you want to keep up with the crowded competitive space, you need more and more marketing campaigns that work for you even when you sleep. 

Enter social media. 

The popularity of social media marketing has soared in recent years. But are you doing enough to make the most of this low-hanging fruit? As a reputed digital advertising agency in New York, we have helped several businesses unlock untapped potential from social media marketing alone. Here are our two cents on how social media marketing can scale-up your business in New York.

1. Social Media is the #1 Tool to Accelerate Brand Engagement

Simply by creating a regular and vibrant social media presence, you can increase your brand visibility and engagement. But why so? Well, long-form content like blogs, email newsletters, ebooks, etc. have their own merits, but are time consuming and take a while to gather momentum. With social media, you can post anywhere from a few times a week to several times a day! It’s no wonder that Digital Advertising Agencies in New York are increasingly turning to social media marketing to give their customers their money’s worth, and we at Agency Couch have spent years perfecting the craft.

Apart from the speed advantage, social media is also where most people are spending their time these days. Target the right audience through value-added posts, throw trending hashtags in the mix, and post in relevant communities and groups. You will be surprised by how much ground you will cover in a short span of time.

2. Ads on Social Media Have a Greater Longevity

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in New York, we can tell you that you are missing out big time if social media ads are not a part of your digital advertising strategy.

A creative and well-targeted ad has a higher shelf-life in social media because of the inherent shareability of content. The ability of marketers to perform deep-targeting on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook means that virality can kick-in in no time. 

With virality comes longevity, which plays a major role in getting your ad ROI shoot higher up.

3. Social Media Offers Diverse Content Forms to Choose From.

No, we are not just talking about text, images, and videos – though they are pretty darn good too!

Digital advertising agencies in New York have been those leveraging diverse content forms for over a decade. Powerful graphic and video ads have been storming our smartphone screens and winning the internet for a while now. But there are more fun ways social media content can get your target audience’s attention.

Opinion polls, quizzes, contests, live streams of events and webinars, and interactive content are just a few of the many content innovations that social media platforms offer. All these cool content features are available for your brand to make the most of. 

But having said that, it is easier to have specialists to do this job for you instead of you spending months on reinventing the wheel. Social media marketing agencies like Agency Couch know what’s best for your brand and what works for a given social media platform. So when in doubt, leave it to the experts!

4. Social Media is a Great Place to Target Influencers and Micro-influencers.

Sometimes screaming about your brand all by yourself is not enough – you need to rope in others who have influence and can sway the crowd in your favour.

Enter social media influencers. 

They are the social media counterparts to celebrity endorsements that we see in TV ads, but interestingly enough, you can actually target micro-influencers in your niche at half the cost or less. Fashion influencers, tech influencers, business and innovation influencers, and so on are all out there in the social media space and can play a major role in turning the tables for your brand.
There you go – 4 surefire ways social media can help you grow and scale. So don’t wait up! Let us help you perfect your social media marketing and make the most of your marketing investment. Visit, write to us at