Agency Couch


Agency Couch Successfully Reduced the Online Cost of Conversion Per Lead by 7X for a Stockist Entity with a Smart, Effective, and Result-Driven Google Ad Campaign.

About the client: 

The client is Ireland’s largest stockist of Jansport bags – the only bag with a lifetime guarantee, irrespective of the holder’s location.

They have 6 physical stores throughout Ireland that stock different kinds of bags.

Dealing in all kinds of bags like school bags, travel bags, backpacks, and laptop bags, they have emerged as one of the leading bag dealers in Ireland.

Need Mapping: 

With 6 physical stores across Ireland, the client had a large catchment area and sufficient offline sales. The challenge was that despite having a fully functional eCommerce website, the cost per online conversion was very high.

To keep up with digitalization and with the aim to reduce their online conversion cost per lead, a focused and personalized Ad Campaign was identified by Agency Couch as the need of the hour.

Problem Statement

The client approached us to fast-track their online sales, generate quality leads, and most importantly, reduce the costs. The client was eager to see results in a short duration.

Why Agency Couch: 

Agency Couch’s Lead Generation and Conversion Services via Smart Digital Ads Has Accelerated Online Sales for Organizations Across the World.

Key Challenges Faced by the Client That Were Successfully Mitigated by Agency Couch: 

  • Creating keyword-rich, well-researched, and highly convertible Ads.
  • Drafting intuitive Ad copies backed by real-time research of their target audience.
  • Accelerating online sales with a reduced total cost per conversion.
  • Building an ROI-driven and effective Ad campaign to ensure maximum returns.
  • Generating high quality and conversion-ready leads at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Full monitoring of the campaign to keep a real-time record of the conversions.

The Agency Couch Approach: Exceeding Delivery Expectations with Incredible Results: 

Discussion: First, we understood the core issues and desired goals via direct communication with the client. This helped us to personalize foolproof solutions and ensure complete client satisfaction. The discussion led to the conclusion that the client needed a revamp in campaign creation.

Discovery: Next, we conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s existing campaign. After identifying the audience’s pain points, comprehensive keyword research was conducted. This was followed by the competitors’ Ad analysis to help us craft highly engaging Ads.

Planning: After the background research, we created an actionable Ad strategy. The strategy consisted of a detailed cost-benefit analysis of all types of campaigns along with a smart bidding management strategy.

Creation & Implementation: Finally, we drafted intuitive Ad copies and set them in force. We optimized Ad copies for lower CPC and strong ROI. Along with that, the layout, content, and design were drafted to attract maximum leads.

USP: An automated bidding strategy was implemented to optimize performance goals and reduce CPC. 

Key Results & Impact – How Effective Google Ad Campaign by Agency Couch Reduced the Total Cost Per Conversion by 85% for the Client in Just 3 Weeks: 

Reduced the Total CPC by 7 times since onboarding Agency Couch for expert Campaign planning and Ad creation.

Amplified lead generation at low costs.

Accelerated online sales with creative Ad copies.

Increased traffic, increased engagement, and higher conversion-to-lead ratio on the website.

Real-time monitoring and reporting of campaign results.


e-Commerce, if utilized effectively, can generate great sales. However, each e-Commerce project comes with its own set of challenges. With this client, our greatest challenge was to deliver results in the given time period of 3 weeks. Effective planning and comprehensive research have played a key role in the amazing success of this project.