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Generating over $15.5 Trillion worth of value and providing employment to nearly 79% of the U.S. workforce, the Services Sector continues to be one of the largest and the most important sectors in the country. However, marketing and scaling service-based businesses in highly competitive cities like New York is no easy task. 

Successful Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigning for service-based businesses in New York requires specialists who understand how customers in this sector like to be wooed. In particular, when it comes to online ads, we have seen many service companies have a tough time seeing a positive ROI from their PPC investment. 

But in the right hands, a PPC campaign can bring about the much-needed scale and growth for service providers by generating qualified leads in a short span of time. 

As a Digital Advertising Agency in New York, we have helped a number of service brands to make the most of PPC and get their money’s worth through focused campaigns that have led to high-value lead generation. In this post, we have put together our years’ worth of experience in running successful PPC campaigns for service-based companies in New York. 

Here are the top 4 tips from our digital advertising experts!

1. Target, Target, Target.

Repeat it three more times if you like! Hundreds of PPC campaigns fail every day because the marketer was sloppy and didn’t do a good job of targeting the audience right. Identifying the right keywords for your ad copy by using a good keyword research tool is an excellent place to start. As a leading SEO Agency in New York, we have a team of keyword research experts, software tools, and content experts to help our clients with PPC keywords as well.

But don’t just make your ad based on keywords – real targeting requires you to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What phrases and visuals do they want to see? For example, the words “Limited Time Free Offer” on a yellow banner may work wonders for some customer segments but not for others.

The last straw in your targeting effort is to localize your ad. Serving customers in New York? Get your PPC to reflect that!

2. Scream Benefits Through Your Ad.

We can’t stress this enough. The internet is full of ads that don’t make the slightest effort to communicate to the audience why they deserve to be clicked. The result? – They don’t get clicked. 

Ads are short, crisp, and get the lowest span of attention among all the digital content floating out there. Nobody likes to see ads or click on them. But simply make your PPC into a benefit-screaming machine and you will soon have takers. Here’s an example:

Ineffective ad copy: Best SEO Agency in New York | Hire us today. 

Benefit-focused ad copy: Outsource SEO to New York’s best | Maximum Conversion  & Flexible Plans.

See what we did there? The bottomline is this – address a pain-point of your audience directly in your ad without mincing words. Thank us later!

3. Project Your Brand as an Expert.

A significant difference between product and service businesses is the ease with which trials and sign-ups can happen with products. Services are trickier than products. People are hesitant to commit to a service up-front, even if it is available for free for a limited period. Service customers need more wooing.

An excellent way to solve this problem is to project your brand as an expert. You can do this in a limited way through your ad copy, and in a more expansive way by linking your ads to landing pages that quickly impress upon the audience that you know your stuff and they are in good hands.

Your audience wants to know why they should give you their time and attention. For example, before you sign us on, you would want to know why Agency Couch is right for you among so many other Digital Advertising Agencies in New York, right? Check out this page[link] to learn more!

Circling back to making your PPC ads shine, here’s our suggestion – use your PPC and landing pages to give your customers a reason that they can’t say “no” to.

4. Experiment and Evolve. 

W. Edwards Deming, the renowned American statistician and engineer, once said, “In God we trust; all others must bring data.”

Well, we say the same. No matter how dazzling an ad you create, a PPC Campaign can fall through the cracks for any number of reasons. The important thing is to know when to pull the plug. Keep your eyes and ears open when it comes to ensuring that you are pumping money into a campaign that will pay off eventually. 

If a campaign fails to give you anything for a few weeks, make adjustments to the copy and/or design to see if there’s any improvement. If not, try out different channels based on your target audience and experiment with ad types (like text ads, rich text ads, image ads, video ads, etc.). 

See what works for you and charge ahead. But if the ad yields no results even after all possible adjustments and after 30 days post launch, it’s time to go back to the drawing room and come up with something new. 

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