Agency Couch


About the client: 

Located in Tanda in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh in India, the client is one of the leading government hospital and medical institutes in the state. While it started out as a Tuberculosis hospital, today, it is the second largest government-run medical college in the state.

It is run by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh and provides reliable medical services to people and also facilitates academic development in the healthcare field through education and research.

Need Mapping: 

Since the client is a government-owned entity, their website needs to adhere to the GIGW norms, i.e. the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites. Hence, the client was looking to re-design and re-develop the website from scratch as per the latest GIGW provisions.

Further, their website was outdated and was based on basic HTML-CSS. This made it difficult to carry out even basic back-end activities like uploading new content to the website or making minor changes. 

After understanding and mapping their needs, we pitched them the idea of creating a new version of the website on WordPress CMS. We explained to the client how it can be easily redesigned as per their requirements along with the option for easy maintenance and information updates by the admins. The client found our proposed solution to be feasible and comprehensive and gave us a go-ahead for the project.

A Few Critical Challenges That Agency Couch Mitigated Through Meticulous Planning and Execution

  • The client’s older website had been built using standard static pages, which means that we had to re-develop and re-design it from scratch on WordPress. 
  • The older website was not up-to-date in terms of the content, hence, we had to spend a significant amount of time compiling all the content. Further, the content was placed randomly across the earlier website. 
  • Updating new content on the earlier website was a lot of hassle for the client since the webpages there were static.

Our Approach to Website Re-designing and Robust Back-end Development

Our team created a detailed project plan based on the principles of SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), which is a proven technique for planning, implementing, testing, and deploying a technology solution. The timeline for each milestone was mutually decided in discussion with the client and we were able to deliver each of those milestones as per the agreed-upon dates.

By sharing weekly and monthly updates with the clients, obtaining feedback from the client regularly, incorporating changes on the go, and sharing recommendations by our development and design team with the client, we were able to turnaround the project in time with high client satisfaction.

The project kickstarted on 9th October 2019 and the new client website went live on 2nd June 2020. Having successfully completed the design & development of the website to the client’s satisfaction, we are now providing hands-on maintenance services to them.

Key Results & Impact: 

  • Easy-to-use website with intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • Ensured 100% GIGW compliance.
  • Updated the layout and content for better organization of information. 
  • Improved UI and UX with a view to better user experience and back-end experience for admins.
  • Categorized the most commonly used fields in the website for convenience. For example, we created a content category called ‘Notifications’ for daily updates, and a separate content category was created for ‘Faculty Members’ as well.