Agency Couch


About the Client: 

  • The client is a high-risk work training company established in 2005. The company offers training programs to operate all kinds of heavy industrial vehicles/machines  like forklifts, cranes, elevated work platforms and workplace safety programs.
  • The company also have specialized programs for lifting, EWP and safety training and even provides forklift license, and Boom type EWP license
  • The client have branches across Australia

Need Mapping: 

Despite having a user friendly website and original content, the client was unable to rank their website higher on the Google Search engine. Since the client’s business was mainly operating in Sydney, ranking the website for a specific location was a challenging task to accomplish.

Key Challenges: 

  • We had to analyze competitors’ backlinks and their SEO strategies to handpick the keywords that would help the client’s website rank higher
  • Since the website needed to be ranked for a specific location, we decided to optimise the client’s Google My Business listing with complete information

The Agency Couch Approach – 100% Result Oriented

  • The client offers various training courses but we decided to pick the top four primary courses and rank their website higher in Google search page for these four courses
  • To achieve the satisfactory results, we decided to add Google Analytics code to analyze the performance of their website
  • We also added the Search Console code to improve and optimize the website
  • Our team also decided to developed a few compelling landing pages and make a few changes in the format of the headings
  • Finally, our SEO experts picked highly competitive and heavy search volume keywords that were added to the content

Technology Deployed: 

  • Google Analytics for analyzing the website’s performance
  • Search Console to optimize the website
  • SEO tactics for ranking the pages higher
  • Google Keyword Planner and Yoast SEO

Key Results & Impact:

  • Just within a short period of time, the client’s website was ranked higher on the first page of Google search engine
  • Soon, the client became popular and were acquired by another reputed firm called SiteReady TrainingGroup
  • We were able to achieve the following objectives:
All Impressions71,88271,28965,32657,91863,996
Clicks-through rates2.5%2.6%2.6%2.4%2.3%
Average Position3029282727

Closing Thoughts:  

The entire project was a complete success, which boosted the confidence and morale of our team. One of our existing clients (eAwesome Hub) had recommended us to accomplish this project and it was a great satisfaction that we lived up to their expectations and achieved the desired goals set by the client.