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When you think of optimizing your website and making it SEO friendly, there are lots of tools at your disposal. However, the current trending tool is Google Tag Manager or GTM. Launched in 2012, GTM, is a free tool from Google that allows you to install various tags (standard snippets or custom codes) to your website.

GTM helps you manage HTML codes or JavaScript snippets – all in one location – that are generally used to track the performance of your website. For example, Google Analytics tracking code, AdWords conversion tracking tag, remarketing code snippets, and more. Looking for effective SEO Agency in Sydney along with GTM implementation, then talk to our experts now…! 

Considered as one of the important entities of digital advertising services, GTM helps you manage all your tags effectively without the hassle of modifying the code. Using Google Tag Manager along with Google Analytics helps you measure your website’s traffic and visitor behavior in a more simplified way.

Benefits of using Google Tag Manager in 2021:

User friendly:

The GTM interface is completely user-friendly and also gives you the option of creating reusable user-defined variables, which can be used multiple times. Plus, features like auto-event triggers and easy testing and debugging tools make the interface easy to use.

Testing and Debugging options:

GTM has a built-in debugging tool that helps you test your tags in real-time before making them live. The tools also give information related to the tags fired on a page and data that is present within the tags. This helps you to analyze the proper functioning of your website before making it live for the public.

Built-in tags:

GTM comes with an array of built-in tag templates, making it easy for a person to use with basic coding knowledge. You can easily pick any template, customize it as per your requirements without making any complex changes in the source code. 

One common place for all tags:

The tracking codes are often scattered across different website files, which makes it difficult for the developer to locate a piece of code that needs slight modification or correction.  But with GTM, this task can be accomplished with complete ease. This is because all the tags or JavaScript snippets are available at one common place, your GTM account.

High security:

All the tags and tracking codes present in your GTM account get scanned by Google thoroughly. So, if there is any code that matches a known malware, blacklisted URLs, or infected IP addresses, GTM stops the tag from being fired on a page, thus securing your website from being crashed.

Schema implementation:

Schema markup is a structured data that gives clear information about the content of your website to Google. This helps in ranking your website higher and generating more traffic. With GTM, you can directly add schema markup to all your website pages through an HTML Tag, saving a lot of time and energy.

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