Agency Couch


About the Client: 

  • The client is an Non Profit based in the State of Odisha in India. They have nearly 30 years of experience in serving underprivileged villages. 
  • They work towards enabling access to education, sanitation, clean drinking water, and electricity for the rural, underprivileged communities. 
  • They are also engaged in equipping the villages with sustainable and hygienic ways of living. 

Need Mapping: 

  • The main reason the client approached us was that they did not have dedicated technical personnel to keep their website robust, engaging, and high-performing. Due to this, they were facing several issues that their team was not fully equipped to handle.
  • These issues were mainly related to the day-to-day maintenance of their website. Lagging of the website was a big challenge they faced on a daily basis.
  • Apart from this, they also approached us to create a few unique and intuitive page layouts for their website in order to improve their online communication. 

Key Challenges: 

Since there was no dedicated person in charge of technical development, the client faced several challenges such as: 

  • Outdated website plugins.
  • Lack of a proper CMS-backend for content updates.
  • Security Issues.
  • Periodic website maintenance issues.
  • Other requirements that called for programming expertise.

Strategies Devised and Solutions Offered by Agency Couch: 

  • Firstly, we recognized that revising the technical code and cleaning up the backend was of utmost importance. This was our first step to ensuring complete website maintenance. 
  • Secondly, we offered the client a simple backend for content updates. Daily backups were also maintained by us. 
  • We ensured that programmer support was provided by us on an hourly basis. This went a long way in ensuring effective website maintenance. 
  • Lastly, we put in more security features and compiled a list of plugins and themes along with their version numbers. The list is updated with current versions of these plugins and a summary is shared with the client every month. 

Technology Used: 

  • WordPress, HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Mysql. 

 The Effectiveness of the Solution Offered by Us and the Results We Achieved: 

Since the client was facing difficulties regarding the up-gradation of the website codebase, it left them open to a lot of vulnerabilities. We were able to offer an effective fix for that. 

  • We removed most errors and bugs from the website, enabling it to operate smoothly. This step decreased the page loading time and prevented malware attempts. 
  • Overall, we greatly optimized website performance.  

Customer Satisfaction:  

  • The client was extremely satisfied with the services that we provided to them. 
  • Building on this positive experience, we are pleased to share that they have engaged us in more projects for website design and development. 

Closing Thoughts: 

  • Working with a Non Profit was a huge learning experience for us in more ways than one. We constructed an SOP for maintenance projects, which is now being used on other projects as well to ensure security and optimization before going live. 
  • More importantly, working with a Non Profit brought with it a unique set of challenges. Our partnership with them bears testament to our agility and adaptability. This project validated our capability in catering to impact organizations and our commitment to using technology for good.