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In this frenzied world where change is the only constant, marketers need to be on top of the latest trends, technologies and topics. Marketing keeps evolving and you will fall behind if you don’t keep your ears on the ground. If you are looking for an Digital Advertising Agency in New York, please do get on a call with the good folks at (insert name) here. 

B2B Marketing trends for 2021:

A well-made website:

It might seem like something that would have been good advice even a decade ago, right? Yes, but it still holds water. You can whip up a website by using themes, but it doesn’t offer a superior experience for your audience. Create a mobile-first website by investing a lot of thought. Hire the services of a mobile app development company to perfect your site.

Note: Do not pick a generic theme. 


82% of marketers reported high open rates when there was email personalization. But personalization is an area where not a lot of brands have invested their marketing budget. Businesses aka customers are looking for communication that is catered to their specific needs. It also plays an important role in retention. When customers know that their requirements and specifications are given weightage, it translates into loyalty. Why would they leave you for a competitor when you give them personalized solutions? 


Another area that has evinced a lot of interest in the recent times is the amalgamation of marketing and technology. It makes the lives of marketers easier while delivering better results. Marketers are known to work with a lot of tools, most of which can be time-guzzling. It also means that there are various aspects of each tool that they need to keep in mind. The entire process of handling these tools becomes tedious. MarTech is all about identifying one solution that can be used for your campaign management.

Focus on meaningful data:

There has been an obsession with data for marketers, and rightly so. But do you really want to know how many people clicked on the privacy policy document on your website? Of course not. You’d rather be aware of how many prospects signed up for your email newsletter, right? 

The need to quantify everything was becoming unnecessary. You will never come up with a business solution based on such junk data. Instead, marketers are starting to focus on data that adds to the company’s bottomline.

Sales enablement:

There was a time when the marketing team handed over qualified leads to the sales team. The onus was on the salesperson to convert the prospect into a customer. The role of the marketing team has increased now. They cannot just hand over the leads anymore. The prospects should be nurtured by building relationships using different channels, mostly email. The activities of the sales and marketing team has become intertwined where there is a lot of dependency on each other.


B2B marketing is constantly evolving. The need to stay updated is important, otherwise you might end up being irrelevant. Apart from the ones we have covered here, there are many other B2B trends that are gaining relevance while replacing outdated methods of marketing. Chatbots have become the rage as it acts as an excellent customer service tool. With a $41 ROI (or 4200% ROI) on every $1 spent, email marketing is still loved and feted by businesses. There are many more trends, let us know about the ones we have missed in the comments section. 

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