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Agency Couch Has Successfully Generated High-Quality, Conversion-Ready Leads for an Educational Organization with a Result-Driven Promotional Campaign, Convertible Facebook Ads and Periodic Performance Tracking.

About the client: 

  • Established in 2001, the client provides affordable, self-paced, and flexible online teaching certifications for busy professionals. 
  • They are a nonprofit organization that enables teachers from different states of the USA to move ahead in their career graph. They are dedicated to training and placing qualified teachers in classrooms across the country. 
  • The program offers a flexible schedule and a modernized, alternative approach to teacher certification. 

Need Mapping: 

With a vision to empower teachers to obtain certifications at their convenience, the client offers a one-of-a-kind program in the education industry. Despite their fool-proof advertising strategy and sufficient marketing budget, their reach, lead generation, and conversion were below their expectations. On top of this, their in-house manager who was responsible for managing their Facebook Ad campaigns had just left the organization, leading to a resource-gap in their advertising efforts.   

At this hour of crisis, the organization identified the need for an experienced partner organization like Agency Couch who can offer authority and expertise in ad campaigns and deliver superior ad performance within the shortest possible time.  

Problem Statement:

The client approached Agency Couch to redesign their Ad campaign strategy and generate quality leads from social networking platforms. They had already availed our services in the past and were highly satisfied with our approach and implementation. 

Key Challenges Faced by the Client That Were Successfully Mitigated by Agency Couch:

  • Running successful Facebook Ad campaigns to increase page traffic and generate convertible leads. 
  • Building a targeted lead generation campaign in accordance with their marketing goals.
  • Establishing a conversion tracking system to keep a real-time record of the campaign efficacy. 
  • Drafting creative layouts and user-friendly designs that compels the viewers to engage further. 
  • Optimized Ad copies with the target audience in mind to ensure maximum conversion and reach. 
  • Close tracking of the visitors’ path based on their actions to further amplify the performance. 

The Agency Couch Approach: Researching, Designing, and Implementing Highly Convertible Social Media Ads:

Research: We conducted a detailed force field analysis for the client, understood their vision, and mapped their advertising goals. This was followed by identification of audience persona, sensible ad selection, and smart keyword targeting to draft expert ad strategy.

Designing: For the campaign designing, we segregated the ad-message under two heads based on the desired results. 

  1. Traffic amplifier to generate leads, and 
  2. Effective retargeting to promote conversion. 

Ad copies with impactful content and flawless designs were created for the successful implementation of the campaign.   

Monitoring: After launching the ad campaign, we employed various strategies to keep track of the leads generated, visitor pathways, and final conversions. This enables us to deliver authentic results and track the number of visitors in real-time. 

Key Results & Impact:

How Facebook Ad Service by Agency Couch Generated Quality Leads for the Client and Reduced their Cost Per Conversion Significantly:

  • Campaign creation by content experts adhering to the client’s goals. 
  • Ad copies optimized with impactful content and industry-specific keywords. 
  • Higher conversion-to-lead ratio and reduced cost per conversion.   
  • 360-degree monitoring and reporting on campaign efficacy. 
  • Higher traffic and engagement on social media platforms. 

Why Agency Couch?

Agency Couch has a proven track record of displaying highly convertible and relevant digital ads. We are a frontrunner in ROI-driven digital marketing and social media advertising.