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There is no one concept that works in the online world. With the changes in preferences, there are new updates and strategies introduced every year. Same is the case with SEO. With more and more changes in Google’s search algorithm, SEO strategies also keep evolving. Thus, as an SEO marketer, it’s important to follow the trends and strategize holistically to drive great results.

With an integrated strategy and creative approach, you can earn tremendous traffic growth through SEO by  increasing the rank of your page. Here are a few critical elements of integrated SEO strategy to keep in mind this year.

Focus on voice search

In 2020, the biggest trend in SEO will be voice search. Almost 50% of searches will be conducted through voice. Hence, consider voice search as the main factor in developing your SEO strategy. Smartphones with Google voice assistant are playing an important part in voice search. Develop an SEO technique that’ll help to optimize your content for voice search.

Improve your site’s functionality

Low-quality content and poor layout won’t give you the rank you need for SEO. Further, no visitor would like a page that loads at a slow speed or is spammy. Google favors web pages whose user engagement is optimal.

For this, you need to make your content unique and easy to read. Use compressed images along with info-graphics. You also need to analyze the page design along with improving the speed of the website. All these factors are important for a great SEO strategy.

Build authority backlinks

Not all links are considered in SEO search – only links that are earned through influencer marketing and high-quality content count. For incredible link building, you need to focus on a strategy that helps you diversify your backlink profile.

You can channelize links from sources like profiles, blogs, forums, product pages, directories, and even author bio section when submitting guest posts. Building backlinks is an important part of Google ranking so you need to develop a great trick for smart link building of your website.  

Optimize the site for mobile indexing

Optimize all your content for mobile indexing by designing your website for mobile optimization. As most people rely on mobile search for queries, it is now an important part of SEO. In fact, Google has introduced a mobile-first indexing process wherein it’ll rank your web pages depending on how they are viewed on mobile devices. Also, choose a responsive template for better visibility, experience and overall SEO ranking.

Technical optimization

You pay heed to content and marketing strategy in SEO, but what about the technical part? Well, technical SEO is equally important to drive results with an integrated approach. Switch to HTTPS from HTTP if you haven’t already. Correct your semantic markups, fix those 404 errors and erroneous redirects on your web pages. Make a list of technical factors to be addressed as a part of your SEO strategy.

Measure your overall SEO performance

Analytics is a very important element of search engine optimization. Before creating an SEO strategy, know about your customers and competitors. Know about the on-page SEO changes and ranking system of Google. Make a list of short and long tail keywords to use for your content.

You can use various tools to measure your actual performance by creating the right plan. Google data studio, for example, helps you to know about ranking, traffic, and conversion rate of the website.

Wayback machine tool helps you to know about changes in the UX design and movements of key page elements and call to action feature. It’s also important to repurpose your content.  

A change in SEO approach creates a change in your website working pattern. As a marketer or an agency, it is a must to adhere to all the latest SEO trends and create a feasible SEO strategy. It all starts with creation of solid content and adoption of great marketing practices. Understand the basics of SEO to gain higher ranking and traffic to your website.

The right SEO strategy will help to increase the click-through rate and user engagement of your site. Follow mobile indexing, voice search, RankBrain feature and optimal content planning for your SEO strategy in 2020. Be on top of your SEO game and you will attain success for sure!