Agency Couch


About the Client:

The client is a US-based marketing business that offers digital solutions such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and website development. The client’s business generally focuses on the US markets and offers end-to-end solutions for all digital marketing needs. 

Need Mapping:

The client already had an ongoing business and a functional website. Their hands-on approach was allowing them to get new clients through referrals and word-of-mouth but the client struggled with the positioning, webpage requirements and the overall layout & architecture of their website. They realized soon enough that their business website had an inconsistent inflow of traffic and that the required design was a challenge to host on WordPress.

Problem Statement:

The client approached Agency Couch as they had already worked with us in the past and were highly satisfied with their service. They wanted Agency couch to redesign their website from scratch and make it easier to work with as well more appealing to their target audience. 

Key Challenges faced by the client that were successfully mitigated:

  • Lack of clarity about the page requirements and layout.
  • Patchy flow of content on the website.
  • Low usability of the website theme and design.
  • Portfolio management through the website was challenging.
  • Displaying the scope of services on the website for potential clients was yet to be done. 

Our Approach:

Designing a user-friendly, robust and highly responsive website for the client

Our team at Agency Couch first ensured that they have understood the client’s issues and pain points. For this, we went through a series of video conferences to achieve precise need mapping. 

Our team realized that even though the client had a basic website in place, lack of user-centricity & and the uneven content flow was curbing the website performance. 

  • Agency Couch consolidated the above points and relied on industry research to walk the client through the process of designing a strong website with optimized content flow. 
  • The team chose WordPress to ensure high user-friendliness for the client and developed wireframes accordingly.
  • Once the wireframes were approved, the team moved on to designing the actual website. 
  • The website was designed to be clean and easy-to-understand with minimal elements on the screen. The design process was a collaborative one accommodating the client’s inputs and guidance on the various requirements.

Key Results and Impact:

  • Easy drag-and-drop theme for user-friendly UI and easy customization. 
  • Improved page layouts and streamlined content flow throughout the website. 
  • Enhanced look and feel of the website and the portfolio of the client. 
  • Convenient customization that can be handled by the client without any external help in the future.