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SEO marketing has significantly evolved with time. With new trends in SEO being introduced every few months, it all boils down to how well you keep up with it. More importantly, the success of search engine optimization depends on the underlying plan and strategy and how you bring it into action. Designing a core SEO strategy is not too difficult, but ensuring good and timely execution can get really tricky!

As digital marketers, it’s important to be well-versed with every aspect of SEO including the technical ones. The main purpose of an SEO strategy is to identify visibility and design a plan to increase ranking and traffic. In our previous article in this series, we covered the 11 most important things to keep in mind while designing your SEO strategy. 

Here, in the second part of the series, we share 5 more things that you need to consider before you get to the execution part.

1. Create a link-building plan and analyze your competitors

Link building is important to attract high-authority backlinks and quality inbound links. If the linking website has a good page authority, then it will affect the rank of the page you are building a link with. You can brainstorm different ways to attract inbound links to your site. Start with a small share and then increase it according to your SEO strategy.

Based on semantics, you need to pay attention to the number of months or years your competitor has been active, their references, entry points, and overall content. It’s important to analyze and know about the links used on the linked websites. Look at links in the comments, articles and press releases as well. Even if there are many links on the site, you can outperform your competitors through your own SEO strategy by taking focused steps and laying good groundwork with SEO-rich content that attracts back-links.

2. Focus on content and traffic forecast

Building links and focusing on keywords works only if the content of the site is engaging and high quality. While designing an SEO strategy, remember to put effort in creating outstanding content too. Your content should be fresh, informative and keyword optimized. Unique content attracts a lot of visitors on the site. Writing fresh content is indeed an important part of SEO strategy.

Make a web-traffic forecast taking into account the monthly volume of search traffic along with a number of external links generated per month. Also, calculate the cost that is incurred for building external links as a long-term strategy. Make a list of links and access a graph of web-traffic via platforms like Google Analytics as it is important for your SEO strategy. Your planning should be based on targeted organic visits and an approximate monthly budget.

3. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the next big thing as the number of Smart Phone users is exponentially increasing every year. Developing a separate SEO strategy for mobile optimization is important. Creating a page for mobile indexing and SEO ensures good mobile-driven traffic and also helps to increase the ranking of the site. Your focus should be on mobile-friendly interfaces and responsive website design.

4. Technical SEO

Having sound technical knowledge is also important for designing an SEO strategy. You must be aware of the various technical features like coding optimization, website speed optimization, JavaScript corrections and schema markup. The right technical implementation will help to attain optimum results for SEO.

5. Measure, track and focus

Even if you design a great SEO strategy for your business or website, it won’t work without actionable intelligence and regular follow-ups. It’s important to stay focused on your core strategy and measure its performance accurately. As an SEO marketer, you need to keep a track of any updates or new trends in SEO for sustained success. When your focus is right, it’ll give you the desired results. 

Remember, SEO strategy is rarely generic – it must be tailored by business needs and target market. It must be optimized in the right way to sustain for long and to create an impact in the web world. With the right focus, you can take your business and/or website to new heights. If you have a great plan or strategy in place, go for it! Need help in making the most of your SEO efforts? Contact us today.

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