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If there’s one thing constant in digital marketing, it’s ‘change’.  With updates in search engine algorithms, social media trends, digital marketing practices happening every minute, your 2019 SEO strategy is stale bread. To avoid being obsolete, you must embrace the new. 

As a committed partner for digital marketing agencies across the world, we are here to help you stay a step ahead, by getting you equipped with the latest marketing practices and strategies. Here are the key reasons why your SEO strategy for 2020 needs to be different from that of the last year, and what you can do about it. 

What’s New in SEO in 2020?

Link Directories Will No Longer Rule

Most SEO experts focused on link directories in 2019. But, there has been a change in this trend. With the recent updates, having a link directory on your site can even get you penalized! As a marketer if you submit articles to article directories, then it is of no use today. These perceived to be low-quality content and are not considered in the ranking.

Opt for link intersection instead of submitting articles to directories. You can directly link your site to your competitor’s site with a link intersect tool. This helps you to explore your competitor’s backlink profile and gives you a hands-on idea about the sites that you may want to reach out to. Link intersection is a trend that’ll change the dynamics of SEO in 2020.

Focus On Quality Content That’s Efficient

Content is truly the king and this is being taken into account by Google algorithm. If you blindly update content on your site, then you need to change your thinking. Content will rule in 2020 too but genuine, authentic and useful content will emerge as the clear winner.

Simply put, this means that Google will rank those sites higher which focus on creating fresh and high-quality content that engages readers. There are tons of articles with similar topics on the internet. If your focus has been more on quantity than quality in 2020, it is time to shift your focus. Create fresh content that is great in quality and ensure a steady flow of such content.

There has been a change in the updating requirements too. You no longer need to update your site frequently. Even, if you update your content every week, you’ll get a high ranking on Google, subject to the quality and freshness of the content.

Focus on fresh content and diversify the content format, such as  articles, webinars, how-to guides and videos. That will get you user engagement, backlinks, traffic, and social shares.  

The Brand is Now A Ranking Indicator

In 2019, the focus of SEO was not entirely on branding. But, branding as a ranking signal is a trend that’ll change in 2019. Creating a brand for your website or company will be an important part of the ranking signal being picked up by Google ranking algorithms.

According to search quality guidelines, reputation matters in the ranking. For building a brand, your focus should be on linkless backlinks, along with link intersects. Mention the brand name online whenever you get an opportunity.

Track all the mentions for online branding and cater to happy clients. Find market influencers that are ready to talk about your brand. Conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s branding efforts, strengths and weaknesses and figure out a way to beat them.

Keyword Stuffing  Will Be a Strict No-No

Earlier websites used to dump  as many keywords as possible, and for good reason – this was indeed the old way to increase  search relevance of a webpage. But, this trend is passé now. As algorithms have been updated, keyword stuffing has lost its relevance. You can even be penalized for keyword stuffing.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can forget about keywords altogether.  Incorporate the most relevant keywords in your body content and have a low-moderate density. Focus on making the reading experience organic and not like a laundry list of keywords. Make sure to use keywords in a natural flow if you want to rank higher in Google. This will matter in your SEO strategy too.

Local SEO Gets More Direct

There is another change in the local SEO this year. If your SEO base was a mass audience in 2019, then in 2020 the focus should be on targeting a specific segment of the audience. Segmented, high-quality traffic is important for every site and business.

Targeting a niche audience will help in ranking as well. Your local SEO efforts will benefit your overall ranking and give you the right headstart for SEO success.

Emphasis On Voice Search

Alexa and Amazon Echo have created a new market that links content seamlessly with voice search. The bulk of traditional search will soon be replaced by voice search. Voice search trend in SEO started in 2019, but it’ll rise to  dominate the market in 2020. As an online marketer, you have to understand the importance of voice-based search content and use it to optimize your ranking.

According to a survey, 41% of people use the voice search feature at least once a day. And, by 2020, it’s expected to grow further. Optimize voice search by paying heed to the conversation that helps to engage the users. 

What Next?

To sum up, focus on content, mobile indexing and voice search will be the key to successful ranking in SERPs in 2020. It’s time to go forward with these new SEO strategies while reflecting on the past for inspiration and learning. As a digital marketing agency looking to outsource, you would benefit from opting for an agency partner like us that is well versed with the latest trends.  To survive competition, any agency needs effective tactics and strategies up their sleeves – and we are your go-to partner for that and more. Get in touch with us today to know about how we can help you. 

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