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Anyone who owns a business has considered Google when it comes to promoting their business. It is the inevitability of our times that Google dictates a large portion of everyone’s digital life. Many times a business owner will shy away from online advertising simply because of how new and uncharted the territory is. And many don’t believe that advertising on Google is relevant for them. Is it relevant and profitable for you though?

Well, yes. Irrespective of the nature of your business, the reach that Google enjoys is unparalleled. With a little bit of research and some experience, you too will be able to enjoy numerous leads that come through the vast network of Google.

Why Advertise on Google

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) are a mechanism that allows anyone to advertise on Google’s search engine, as well on their partner websites. But the Ads are not displayed randomly to anyone. These Ads are highly targeted towards people who are looking for your product or service. For example, if you search for flower shops near you, Google shows you a number of ads for flower shops right before their results on their first page. This is called targeted advertising and it offers a huge benefit to anyone who advertises with Google.

Budget management

A great thing about Google ads is that they only charge you if your ad is clicked upon. This means that the ad is displayed to far too many people than what you have to pay for. Google also allows you to manage your budget by giving you the option of selecting as many keywords as you can afford.

Brand marketing

Being on Google in itself is a huge boost for your brand image. Google gets your business noticed and fast. No other traditional methods allow you to reach so many people at once in such a short duration. Advertising on Google gives you brand recognition along with actionable leads.

Analytics for improved results

Goggle Ads come with Google Analytics, which is a platform that offers you insight into the number of views your ads got, the number of clicks that it received, and the demographics of the people who were interested in it. This allows you to form better advertising strategies over time, which in turn allows you to get better returns out of it.

Finding the right solution

Google Ads are meant for all business types and sizes. They are designed in a manner that anyone can operate them. If you are too confused in the beginning, Google offers you the option of a smart campaign, which only requires to add a few details and the campaign is run by an algorithm automatically. Although manually running your campaigns will give you a much better understanding of your investment and returns, using smart campaigns to kickstart is not a bad idea. You can eventually work up to running your campaigns, combing through analytics reports, and adjusting budgets as per your business requirement and the market fluctuations.

Even if it seems like too much, just starting will help you get there. If you are looking to make a digital footprint for yourself or your business, there is no better way to do it than Google. Google Ads is a quick and affordable measure one can employ for advertising online and it puts your business online. In any case, if you are looking for effective ways to advertise, advertising on Google is for you. Agency Couch is a leading partner for digital marketing agencies, and one of our key service offerings is managing and optimizing Google ads for great results. Know more about our work here

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Online Advertising