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Link building is an important part of making your digital presence known. It may sound like technical jargon, but in reality, it is just about getting as many websites linking to your website as possible. When other sites are hyperlinked to your site, it builds the credibility of your pages and allows search engine algorithms to establish the authority of your site. However, generating links isn’t as straightforward as asking other website owners to link to you. Although, that too can be an effective technique in some cases!

Now, there are many ways one can build links to their website and these keep changing as the algorithms and the technologies upgrade. While there are strategies that help immensely in establishing a high ranking website, there are certain strategies that do more harm than good. It is best to stay away from certain practices as it may not get you the results you expect. Here, we list down a few popular link building strategies that you should avoid in the next year.

Black Hat Strategies

Black hat strategies are the dark elements of SEO Services that only the desperate and the naive go for. These strategies can include practices such as buying links i.e. paying other website owners to link to your website. For example, a well-known black hat strategy is cloaking. Cloaking means hiding links. The links could be cloaked by making them the same colour as the background so that there doesn’t have to be content to go with the links and the number of links is still high.

Black hat strategies don’t work in the long term. Remember, that Google’s search algorithm is constantly updated to fight these approaches and you can even be penalized if you attempt these tactics. Google monitors the bounce rates and content readability to quantify the credibility of all links and it is only a matter of time before your website is taken down or blacklisted in search results for violating the guidelines. 

Ego Baiting

Ego baiting is a tactic that plays on the psychology of people. It refers to baiting people’s egos by featuring them on your website and hoping that these people feel the need to mention your post or article that mentions them. This, in turn, gets you a backlink to your website without any direct intervention. Ego baiting might work if the person/company you are featuring has some connection to you, your company, your industry or your professional/social network. But beware, don’t go overboard with this strategy, or you/your website may end-up on the block-list of influential personalities.

Broken Link Building with Questionable Pages

There are tons of broken links all over the internet. SEO professionals often take advantage of this is by offering to replace the broken link with your link. This requires some basic research, but once you find a few good targets, you can approach the webmaster and offer to replace the links. Once that is done, all you have to do is create content to replace your link in, and voila, you are done! While this is not a strategy you should strictly avoid, try to ensure that you don’t link your website to a broken link that belongs to a questionable domain or website. It may damage your online reputation.

Other Ineffective Strategies

There are some strategies that you should take with a pinch of salt, and then there are simply ineffective ones. It’s a good idea to identify these so that you don’t waste your time on ineffective link building. Strategies like stuffing keywords in website content that doesn’t seem natural, or spamming other websites with content submissions, are not only in bad taste but also useless.

It is always better to only pay attention to the strategies that are proven to be effective because the more time you spend on the ones that don’t, the more you lose out. Now that you know what not to do, you can go ahead and build a strong, high ranking website for yourself and your clients. Agency Couch can help you in deriving effective SEO results in a performance-driven manner. To know more check here.

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