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The majority of people are still uncertain about what structured data is and how it can be used to obtain better results in search engine optimization of their websites. Popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing have already used a list of standard elements called Schema markup for listing websites on their search results. So, if you are a beginner about using structured data to get a better rank of your website, this brief article could serve as a guide for you.

Structured data is any organized data which is arranged on a specific set of parameters on a webpage.  In the field of SEO, structured data means enlisting information or markups to provide extra points about the content of your website to the search engines. This will certainly help the search engines to get a better understanding of the content. Additionally, this extra detail will also enhance your websites’ ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Remember, that search engines can only analyze three syntaxes- Microdata, JSON-LD, and Microformats. Other than these, there are two vocabularies and microformats which are used to share information about the content of your webpage. For SEO, and vocabulary are used for product reviews or for sharing the location. Thus, make sure that the search engines can interpret the markups you use.

As a beginner in using structured data, you can follow this brief guide prepared by our team just for you:

1. Give a complete breakdown of your page- Give a detailed explanation of your page’s content to Google, so that it can get all the information to interpret your webpage, and make a difference in the search results. This happens because Google can easily analyze it as you have used structured data to transcribe and translate your page.

2. Mention content features- Using content features like carousel, featured snippets, and knowledge panel will boost your website’s rank in Google’s search engine. For instance, you can understand the impact of a featured snippet, which is found at the top of your search results and gives a direct answer to your search. It drastically impacts a user’s behavior because he or she will first click on the featured snippet rather than on the first website. A featured snippet decreases the CTR of the first website by 8%[1]. A corporate contact snippet or a video optimized with a structured data snippet will withdraw maximum traffic to your website.

3. Enhance your enriched search results– Using enhanced search results like breadcrumbs, site links and site links search boxes will jack up the search result of your website. The site links search box structured data snippet will also help in search engine optimization by giving valuable keyword data. The site links provide the users with the exact data that they have been looking for in your site.

4. Choose your schemas carefully- Now, it is time for you to choose your structured data. Choose the data which you thin will give you the maximum results. Many structured data options are available on Google.

5. Use Google Structured Data Markup Helper- Once you have selected your structured data, start coding it. You can use Google’s Structured Data Markup tool to make the process easier. In Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, you must select a data type, and then paste the URL or HTML of your source page you wish to markup.  After your HTML loads, you must select your appropriate text and a tag from the drop-down menu. Then, click on ‘Add missing tags’ and finally click on ‘Create HTML’. Google will then load your structured data in either of the two formats: JSON-LD or Microdata.

6. You must always test the markup – The critical part of the structured data is to test it. If you have copied or formatted your structured data incorrectly, Google will have a problem to understand it, and this will affect your traffic. Thus, testing is an essential part. Google has made testing easier with its structured data testing tool. 

7. Use structured data tool to check various issues- Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to check your data snippet has become simpler. If we spot errors we have to return to Google’s Structured Data Markup Tool and make the required changes. You can also use to check your structured data and include the necessary markup.

Structured data helps search engines to follow the websites content better. It gives them information about the content available on your webpage. While the results you get after searching a topic may not be very relevant but with improvement in search algorithms, it will have a better option in the future.

Websites already possessing this information will lead to search engine optimization efforts. The search engines fetch content from the website and display it on their ranking pages to give maximum information to the users. Thus, improvement in structured data will result in search engine optimization and CTR (Click through Rates).

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